What you can do right now

1. Register to vote.


2. Learn about our Constitution and receive a certificate.

     (Click HERE)

3. Download and print out the My Representative form.

     (Click HERE)

4. Fill out your form.

     A) Find your Senators and Congressperson. 

           (Click HERE)

     B) Find your Assemblymen, Mayor and City Council members.  

           (Click HERE)

5. Sign a petition.


6. Print out 10 flyers and give them to 10 people. 


7. Call your local GOP office and ask how you can get involved. 

     (Click HERE to find your counties office)

8. Sign up for our mailing list.


9. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK!!! Please help us reach a larger audience by      sharing our content with your friends and groups and by inviting your friends to like our page. 


Even if you're

on the right

track,you'll get

run over if

you just sit there.

 -Will Rogers